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Mac Anu

- The city of Water

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1. All applications are to be e-mailed to the moderator/moderators.
2. You must maintain playing as your character. If you are playing out of character, please put OOC before your personal/out of character message.
3. You are not a puppeteer! You only control ONE character, unless the one RP-ing the character allowed you to do so.
4. Use correct PROPER English! That's very important. And your spelling and punctuation marks too.. they should be..you know.. in proper use.
5. All logs must be posted at the community, the journals are just for your character thoughts journal.
6. Only character RP accepted journals can join the community.
7. Once accepted and have made the character journal, please join mac_anu and m_board
8. You can have as much characters as you want. =3
9. Original characters are fine. :D
10. Don't forget to have fun! ^_^

After the triumph of Kite, Sanjuro and Balmung of bringing back peace to "The World", the administrative officer, Subaru announces that "The World" has gone back to safety. But, it does not yet. Before "The World" entered twilight, new characters have signed up, and to Kite's, Mistral's and Blackrose's surprise, these characters have the same player type and player outfit as theirs, which was not possible in "The World".

"The World" does not allow players to have the same player type and outfit at the same time, and when Kite, Blackrose and Mistral question the three about this, they would reply that they had just recieved an e-mail, saying that they have won a gold membership in "The World", and the characters have been all set-up as they signed-up. Something was not right.

[If this confuses you, please question Mimiru, or Balmung about the plot.]

As for the timeline, it's after .hack//infection, sign and liminality, and before .hack//dusk.

Please click here to view all the taken characters. If you want to apply as someone who has not been taken, please do so. XD

You can apply as any character, and the character doesn't have to be on the list. ^^

Application Form for .hack// characters
  • Name:
  • Personal LJ:
  • AIM:
  • ICQ:

  • MSN:
  • Yahoo! Messenger:
  • Desired RP character:
  • Weapon/Abilities/Job/Player type: [any weapon is fine, if you want your character to have a high level or something]
  • Short tag, around 5-8 sentences. [this could be any paragraph, just to see how you write. ^_^]

    Application form for original characters
  • Name:
  • Personal LJ:
  • AIM:
  • ICQ:
  • MSN:
  • Yahoo! Messenger:
  • Name of character in RL:
  • Account name of charcter/player name:
  • Job/Player type:
  • Gender:
  • Appearance:
  • Short tag/paragraph to test your writing skills:

    reminder: please be detailed when answering the form. send it to pandamoku[at]yahoo.com, or comment on mokseph's entry. Thank you.